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Born and nurtured in a rich natural environment of Tokachi, Hokkaido, in Japan.
Noted for its prime balance between marbling of Wagyu (Japanese cows) and good texture of red meat,
Nobels Food Co., Ltd proudly presents its new, "third category" Nobels Herb Beef.

About Nobels Herb Beef

Nobels Herb Beef is produced from cattle bred in Hokkaido, up in the most northern part of Japan blessed with rich nature. Our cattle are carefully nurtured, taking into consideration their natural and healthy growth cycles. Consequently, Nobels Herb Beef has the features sweet flavor and rich body, which come from our brand cows inheriting the marbling of Japanese black beef and well-fleshing genes of Holstein.


In Japan, several Michelin-starred restaurants specically designate our product as their preferred ingredient,and its quality keeps impressing the first-class chefs. Therefore, we are confident that our Herb Beef will live up to the expectation of food connoisseurs of New York.

Five Elements of Nobels Herb Beef


Finding cows from which will be produced particularly tender and fine textured meat.

Nobels Herb Beef is blessed with superb marbling derived from Wagyu and good texture of red meat derived from Holstein. Only cows are used to harvest most delicate and finely textured meat.
Thanks to rich concentration of unsaturated fatty acids, meat simply melts in your mouths.


Breeders carefully monitor the health of cows.

Good health of the cows is sine qua non for breeders of Nobels Food. For example, cows in fattening cycle are given not only grains but herbs and roughage. Herbs are expected to reduce the digestive stress. In Japan, it is prohibited by law to administer growth hormones to cattle. Nobels Herb Beef is, therefore, completely free of any growth hormone residuals and quite safe. Some American breeders still use growth hormones, and alimentary experts state that hormone-treated beef may have negative impact on human beings.

3-year breeding under the environment fitting the cow’s ecology.

3-year breeding under the environment fitting the cow's ecology.

Cows feed on mainly grass up to about 2 years (24 months) old,which is very close to their natural growth cycles and, therefore,does not impose unnecessary stress on their physique. The totalbreeding period is about 3 years (34 months on average), which is longer thanthe general breeding period of Japanese Wagyu by more than 6 months.Careful breeding with a lot of gentle care results into beef with rich content ofunsaturated fatty acids and amino acids. Final product is so tender that itmelts away in your months. One day, breeders of Nobels Food learned fromlocal elders that they remembered cows with longer fattening period producedmuch better-tasting meat.
Based upon this local wisdom, Nobels Food decided to take up the challengeto give cows enough time to fully develop and mature. It was, indeed, achallenge, for longer breeding time entails higher cost. This method is seldompracticed among other mainstream cattle farmers in the world.

Mother Nature of Hokkaido

Mother Nature of Hokkaido bestows profound body and unique flavor on Nobels Herb Beef.

Nobels Food owns a ranch very close to DaisetsuzanNational Park, which is the largest national park in Japan.The rich natural environment around the park is wellprotected. Furthermore, the local climate is considered ideal for cattlefarming and the area is also blessed with pure and tasty water.Breeders of Nobels Herb Beef take time to rear their "fosterlings" inthis stress-free environment.


Nobels Food is considered a top-notch cattle farmer in Japan.

Nobels Group is one of a very few meat producers successfully commercialized the longer breeding method.
In addition, Nobels Food Co.Ltd. is a well-diversified dairy company, producing not only beef but other dairy products and food items.

Concluding remarks

Nobels Herb Beef will find its way into the US market verysoon. Even before the launch, we have been asking the topchefs of NY to actually cook and taste our product for thepast 2 to 3 years. Our pre-marketing survey already earnedus extremely favorable reputations among star chefs. Wefeel certain that the prospective customers in NY will highlyappreciate the unique quality of our beef and readily acceptit as their favorite food ingredient. We believe the earlyadoption of our unique Nobels Herb Beef will help youoriginate one of signature menus at your restaurants.

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